Arnold Allen (-350) vs Gilbert Melendez (+265)

Arnold Allen (14-1) may be one of the best fighters you have not seen before and also the odds certainly suggest oddsmakers are taking him against Gilbert Melendez (22-7). Allen tends to fly under the radar a bit as he has only fought once a year since 2014, but if he does fight, fans are in for a treat.
Allen is somebody who lets his game do the talking and that he doesn’t tend to be a character pre- or post-fight, which may hurt when it comes to marketing. He’s making an effort to be active as it is his second battle in 2019. He comes into this bout undefeated in the UFC with a 5-0 record with just two functionality of the night awards to his credit.
Gilbert Melendez, 12 years older than the upstart Allen, has been through wars with nearly everybody in the UFC. Melendez has no issue declined, entering the fight on a four-fight losing series. It is never a good sign when a fighter should step away from the game to locate their love for this again. Following his final struggle, he did just that, but I have very real questions about the motivation of Melendez, that has not won since 2013.
This is going to be the biggest fight of Allen’s career and if he’s got a nice showing, it ought to vault him into the top 15, finally. He’s very well versed and has shown an ability to adapt to the fight in front of him.
Interestingly, he’s given away a number of his approach , saying:”I’m prepared for anything, I’ve had all sorts of struggles. I have been in dull fights where nobody will get hit and you wind up winning without getting touched, and I’ve had fights where I’ve been in little brawls, kind of grinding struggles, so I’ll be ready for whatever he brings. I am just planning to outpoint him, outskill him, and going for a bit better than him on the evening .”
I concur, and Allen should point-fight his way into a conclusion triumph, but he wants to not give in to Melendez, who’ll want a kill-or-be-killed firefight.

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