The 8 methods for writing the Common Application essay

The 8 methods for writing the Common Application essay

Among the best ways for your rising school that is high to take some pressure off this fall would be to write their Common Application essay over the summer.

Completing the Common App essay that is general a big box to check off. This is especially key in case your student intends to apply Early Decision or Early Action, but even students who are still schools that are considering finalizing their list will feel good getting this task done.

And some very good news: You don’t need to hire an essay tutor. Instead, share this advice from professional essay coaches Marlene Kern Fischer and Helene Hirsch Wingens!

1. Start early.

Good writing takes some time. Don’t wait until the before applications are due to start writing the essays week. In spite of how terrific a writer you will be, the sooner you start, the higher the final end product is going to be. That’s a guarantee.

2. Put words on a page.

Everyone has stories to buy this essay share with. First, go through the prompts (which are just like last year). You can find seven choices — pick the 2 or 3 that appeal for your requirements most, get comfortable with a pad of paper or your laptop, and brainstorm. As soon as you decide on your favorite prompt and now have a broad concept of what your narrative will undoubtedly be, just start writing.

It doesn’t have to be writing that is beautiful. The draft that is first be. Your primary objective for the first draft is simply to put words on a web page. Tell a whole story and flesh it out with concrete details.

You may need not need cured cancer or battled adversity to make a narrative that reads well. You don’t even need a “wow” moment; you merely want to reveal something about yourself and enable your personality to shine.

3. Don’t force a square peg into a hole that is round.

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